The General Concept

White Wall Project is an artwork, an ongoing series of monumental site-specific installations based on social and artistic participation to bring people together through the art. The painting is the main vehicle by which this social experience is built, having as a meeting point for all the interaction an enormous canvas construction. The first edition of the project was launched by the Spanish artist Paco Dalmau in December of 2013 in Rotterdam.
White Wall Project evolves and changes in each edition, always preserving the essence and concept of the project, seeking to innovate and grow in order to provide the best experience for the participants. The core of the project is based on the following aspects, Site-specific installation, art education (theme of the project), social participation and exhibition of the outcome works carried out by the participants.
The “White Walls” facilitate interaction between various (groups of) people. Depending on the context of each project, professional or amateur artists are invited to participate, schools, elder citizens and groups at risk of social exclusion are always engaged to be part of the project.
Our goal is to promote through art social initiatives, with the purpose to introduce the different artistic disciplines within our education program to students, amateur artists or citizens with interest and curiosity in knowing innovative proposals . White Wall Project wants to provide a platform for artists, both emerging and established, to combine their usual practice with an experience as singular as our project.
The aim of bringing people together is carried out by combining art installation, painting, drawing, writing, illustration, collage and proposals as video, sound, dance or performance. The project seeks to show the creative and singular trends of each different city, culture and society, so that, each edition of White Wall Project becomes a contemporary artistic sample of the present time in the chosen place.