The General Concept

White Wall Project is an ongoing series of monumental site-specific installations. The first edition of the project was launched by the Spanish artist Paco Dalmau in December of 2013 in Rotterdam.

Dalmau aims to transform the spatial experience of a chosen location by constructing enormous painting canvases in the space. Like most painting canvases, these canvases are made from wood and fabric and sometimes paper. The “white walls” facilitate interaction between various (groups of) people. Depending on the context of the project, Dalmau invites artists to collaboratively fill the canvases, other times a group of selected citizens is asked to engage with the “white walls” , sometimes random strangers and sometimes a combination of each.

The intention of White Wall Project is to produce interactive events in cities across the world, with the participation of the inhabitants in each place. The project seeks to show the creative and singular trends of each different city, culture and society, so that, each edition of White Wall Project becomes a contemporary artistic sample of the present time in the chosen place. The body of the project is based on the combination of various artistic disciplines, site specific installation, painting, drawing, writing, illustration, collage, proposals as video, sound or performance.

The previous editions of White Wall Project where developed within the context of Art Festivals and private showrooms, the event is fit for all kind of contexts, Art Fairs, Art Festivals, Private and Public calls.