White Wall Project II

2014 – White Wall Project II (outdoors).
Charlois Speciaal. Studio Pompstraat 44C. Rotterdam (NL)

25m x 5m, acrylic on canvas on wooden frame. 15 artists residents in Charlois were selected,cultural associations from the neighborhood and children from the schools in the area where working in the big canvas during the 4 days of the Art Festival in Rotterdam south.
Guest artists (selection):
Giuseppe Licari (ITA), Inge Aanstoot (NL), Piet Rogie (NL), Julien Beaucourt (FR), Peter Hoijmakers (NL), Susanna Inglada (SP), Svetlana Prigoditch (BY), Yoshiyuki Koinuma (JP), Alejandra Huerta (CL/NL), Abner Preis (US)