White Wall Project V (Watereg)

The 800 meters installation located at Prinses Beatrixpark Schiedam (27th May until 24th June 2018) arrived to its end. During this 4 weeks more than 1000 people coming from Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam have created the biggest painting ever in The Netherlands, from White Wall Project we want to thank all of them for its participation, enthusiasm and collaboration every day!

On the 23rd of June 2018, a jury made up of professionals from the art world, Jannie Hommes, Hommes Gallery & Chairman White Wall Foundation, Judith Makkenze, visual artist & secretary of White Wall Foundation and Marco Douma, Visual Artist, special guest to be part of the jury, decided and choose 42 parts of the 800 meters canvas that are going to be part of our 3 exhibitions. Diversity, effort, quality, dedication and collaboration were the main values to be judged.

Maassluis: 2 September – 16 Sept. 2018, Theater Koningshof
22 September – 7 October 2018, Kade 40
13 October – 4 November 2018, Stedelijk Museum

Photos of the selected paintings and the canvas installation:

White Wall Project V (Waterweg) is a social artwork in public space that involves in its concept a wide range of artistic disciplines based on civic participation. White Wall Project provides to its participants an incredible and unique cultural experience carried out through collaboration and civic effort. An art installation in public space made of wood and canvas of 800 meters long where painting, drawing, illustration, poetry mingled in the creation of a monumental artistic piece, music, theater and performing art complete the body of the project.

The art installation will be available for the inhabitants of Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam throughout the months of May/June 2018 to realize the largest painting in the history of Holland.From White Wall Project we care and occupy ourselves through the artistic language of issues such as social participation, artistic education, recycling activities and encourage the exchange of knowledge, teamwork and social integration.

The program will be completed with three exhibitions, one in each of the cities participating in the fifth edition of White Wall Project.

The participants will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the large installation in the exhibition rooms of our three major partners. Theater Koningshof in Maassluis, Kade 40 in Vlaardingen and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.



White Wall Project IV

2016 – White Wall Project IV.
Buitenkunst Drenthe
2016, Elp, Midden-Drenthe (NL)

101 trees covered with canvas by 25 participants for the realization of the project, Buitenkunst Drenthe is an initiative from artists that started in the 60’s in The Netherlands. During one week in the summer, a team of artists of every discipline are hosting daily workshops to the campers (participants). Paco Dalmau was one the guest artists invited that year. Theater, performances and music happened between the installation during that week.

White Wall Project III

2015 – White Wall Project III.
Kunst in het Witte de With Kwartier
. Rotterdam (NL)

8m x 6m, acrylic on canvas on wooden frame. 6 artists were invited to perform on the big canvas. Given the great effort of the artists and the result of the painting during the 3 days of the Festival. The organization decided to extend the exhibition period of the painting for 3 months, until November 2015.
Guest artists:
Bruno Ferro Xavier (NL), Inge Aanstoot (NL), Piet Rogie (NL), Peter Hoijmakers (NL), Yoshiyuki Koinuma (JP), Petar Tuskan (HR)

White Wall Project II

2014 – White Wall Project II (outdoors).
Charlois Speciaal. Studio Pompstraat 44C. Rotterdam (NL)

25m x 5m, acrylic on canvas on wooden frame. 15 artists residents in Charlois were selected,cultural associations from the neighborhood and children from the schools in the area where working in the big canvas during the 4 days of the Art Festival in Rotterdam south.
Guest artists (selection):
Giuseppe Licari (ITA), Inge Aanstoot (NL), Piet Rogie (NL), Julien Beaucourt (FR), Peter Hoijmakers (NL), Susanna Inglada (SP), Svetlana Prigoditch (BY), Yoshiyuki Koinuma (JP), Alejandra Huerta (CL/NL), Abner Preis (US)

White Wall Project I

2013 – White Wall Project I. Café LaBru. Rotterdam (NL)

5 pieces on the walls: total 3,5m x 15m, acrylic on canvas on wooden frame. 9 artists were invited to the 1st edition of the project, the intervention took 4 weeks to be perform, having the atmosphere of the café different every week.

Guest artists:
Hanneke van der Werf (NL) Peter Hoijmakers (NL), Yoshiyuki Koinuma (JP), Joshua Thies (US) Isabel Marcos (SP), Alejandra Huerta (CL/NL), Ivo van den Baar (NL), Inge Aanstoot (NL), Piet Rogie (NL)