De opbouw is begonnen !

Afgelopen week (11 mei) zijn we begonnen te bouwen aan de 600 meter lange constructie in het Prinses Beatrixpark in Schiedam.

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Tevens hebben wij nog steeds financiele steun nodig, help ons een financieel handje om het project in de beoogte grootte te realiseren !

Our Crowdfunding campaign has started


We just started our Crowdfunding campaign today, check out the video or go directly to our crowdfunding section!

Your support is highly appreciated !!

We won the Waterweg Cultuurprijs 2017!!

The White Wall Project won the Waterweg Cultuurprijs 2017 !!

One step closer in realising the project in the intended form.
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Waterweg Cultuurprijs is a contest that is focus in explore the cultural scene of the area of Maasluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam.
White Wall Project V is an artistic proposal that started in late 2013 in the city of Rotterdam where Paco Dalmau is based since 2012. Since then White Wall Project had four editions and now is the time for Maasluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam. The project aims to show the cultural backgrounds, feelings and thoughts from the inhabitants of these three cities. White Wall Project is going to built up an installation made by Wood and Canvas of 800 m long in

Schiedam. In the coming months we will update to our followers more about the 5th edition development, for now at the Facebook page of White Wall Project  you can find images, videos, interviews… Thanks for visiting our website!!